Who we are and where we come from?.

Alberto Otano 28 Feb , 2016

Who and from where?

We are a family of Latin American immigrants (specifically from Venezuela) who have decided to adopt this country as their own, and who understand what it means to learn a new language when one is already an adult. We do not mean to the “academic” learning the language, that we obtain before to emigrate when we participate in those “courses” or “Language academies” that after a couple of years and several “typical quizzes” give you a title certifying you as “English-expert” (although you cannot see a movie without subtitles).

We also refer to commercial systems that exist in the market, most of which have many benefits and are full of modern resources very useful (audios, videos, graphics, recognition of voice, etc.) but who obviate many important things for anyone who is starting the difficult task of hosting a new language as their own. We are talking about that one that exist in everyday reality. That one says “cause” instead of “because”, or “till” instead of “until”, or “wanna” instead of “want a”. This one that we, (my Family and me) are trying to learn with the only one tool that is the daily life in this great Country.

Who we are?


In fact, unlike many immigrants, we understand that we are living in a Country that speak English and that we need to do it, and not we offend at all that “removing” that we have seen on bumpers of trucks and one that other site, which says: “Welcome to America!” “Now… speak English!”

At this moment, my children have learnt English almost perfectly and are studying at their Universities with excellent performance in “absolute English”, what make me feel so happy. Now, I need to learn many new words for speaking in English with them, and I hope that they help me to enrich this Website with their English Grammar knowledge.

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