Introduction to the Spanish Verbs understanding.

Verbs in Spanish, a little difficult theme.

One of the major difficulties that has the Spanish language learning for English-speaking persons is to understand and learn the verbs and their conjugations in different times.

This difficulty is caused by the following reasons:

  • As with the vocabulary in Spanish in general where, for the characteristic of Romance language, there are many synonyms for nouns, adjectives and adverbs, the amount of verbs with similar meanings is huge. In this regard, the practical and simplified English language sense, besides the great use that makes the language of “meaning by context”, facilitates learning of English for Spanish speakers.
  • The amount of verbal conjugations in Spanish is huge compared to the English, where the use of auxiliary verbs and the rules of conjugation for different persons of the singular and the plural, makes much less extensive amount of verbal expressions to learn from the student.

clapper verbs


Although sometimes these observations tend to make people believe that we are “frightening” or causing those who are learning the Spanish want to abandon the attempt, the real intention of the comments is to help understand the difficulties in overcoming them. As rightly said the philosopher and Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, in his book The Art of War, “only by knowing your enemy, you can beat him”.

It is precisely because of the complexity of the subject, which we have left on our Blog a category only for respect to verbs, and to help to you, dear reader, get the best “Tips” of learning, we will devote several Posts to the subject verbs.

However, and as indicated by the heading of our pages, we remind you that our goal is not “become” into a one more Spanish Online Course, but provide, in your own language, an interesting amount of Tips that support any of Methods that you are using for to learn our Language.

For our part, we are already working in the following Posts, where we will provide our best analysis and Tips for your learning of Spanish verbs.

Until the next Post!

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Written By Alberto Otano

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