How long does it take to learn spanish? Not much with our Tips!

Alberto Otano 03 Oct , 2016

Did you know that Spanish is a language spoken by more than 450 million of native people?

Is the second language more spoken after Mandarin Chinese and before the English.

We will help you to learn it with many Tips, in your own Language, and with some tools that can facilitate the hard work of understand the most complicated of the Romance Languages and its many variants in function of the Country where you are speaking it.

How long does it take to learn spanish?

First.... thing's First!

We will teach you about the pronunciation of letters and syllables. You will learn spanish pronunciation with our podcast files and the better technique: see the text, listen and repeat, see the text, listen and repeat, and see the text, listen and repeat. This is the only way to educate our mind and our ears on the enormous difference between our pronunciations.

How long does it take to learn spanish?

Comparative Grammar

We believe that when you are learning a "second" language, is better to use the knowledge of grammar in your own language, for understand the differences respect the new one. Otherwise we only will be repeating without reasoning, and we will need much more time to learn.


Spanish Verbs

Maybe the most difficult matter for the English Speakers people when we are talking about learn Spanish. But with our Tips and a clear comparison of the Verbal Forms and the Verbal Tenses, we try to reduce the difficulty for the learning. The rest..... Practice!

PDF Download

Grammar Summary Tables

Free Downloads of Summary Tables with the most important elements of the Spanish Grammar and many other useful information for the Spanish Learners.

Free Downloads Audio Files

Podcast files

Free Downloads of Podcast files with the Audio of pronunciation for Letters, Syllables, Verb Conjugations and more, all of them made for a Native Speaker.

verbs download

Verbs Conjugation

Free Downloads of Summary Tables with the complete conjugations for all the tenses of all the Verbs. Many Tips about the uses and differences between the Verbs in both Languages.

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